Brewing: successful and profitable 

Solve technical and economical problems, optimize your brewery – also online

Brewing is your live. Are you in charge of your brewery or responsible for production in a medium-sized brewery?

Apart from production you have to deal with customers, staff, and administration – in addition to technical brewing challenges, which were not planned. You changed the process or the raw materials are different and now there are problems?

Or you want to expand the business, and you are about to buy used brewing equipment and want to be sure that it meets your requirements?

Then an independent expert opinion can be helpful.

Brewing online and onside

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If this applies then:

We can help you brewing:

Ing. Anton Schaller  grew up in a brewery, founded and managed several beverage companies in South America and was responsible for mega projects of the world’s leading brewery and beverage plant construction company.


The first step:

For brewing the key factor is the knowledge of the interaction of all the components of the art of making a great beer with profit.

We know them!

We are available for a 30-minute video consultation free of charge and without obligation.



Process in the brewery

How can I adapt the brewing process to my equipment and available raw materials to obtain an excellent final product? Under this concept we transmit theoretical knowledge as well as the conversion of this knowledge into practice.
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Brewing Equipment

Equipment acquisition decisions are long-term and costly and directly influence the success of the brewery. Because of this, decisions should be questioned and technically verified.
You can obtain these verifications through us, or by using our spreadsheets directly, thus getting many answers to your questions.


Calcular el proceso cervecero

Raw materials and recipes for your brewing

There are variations in the quality of raw materials or brewery equipment changed, but the taste of the beer should not vary.
The adaptation of the parameters is now imperative: for this you get solutions with us!