is the first internet site offering tecnical knowledge, based on university studies, for the brewing industrie in the internet

It is adressed to professional brewers from small to industrialized breweries and also to persons who seek help regarding a specific brewing theme, tecnical knowledge or general help with the brewing process. works with modules to fit better the personal needs. is web based to archieve by this means the transmission of professional knowledge at low cost and maximum flexibility for the user.


Raw Material

Brewing Courses

Brewery Engineering


Our actual services

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Our courses are desinged to transmit basic as well as advanced knowledge and also komplex brewing processes. The courses are based on the curriculum of the bavarian brewer apprenticeship as well as the training program of the Tecnical University of Munic.
At the end of each course is a test to examine the acquired knowledge


Brewery engineering

The brewery tools are calculating matrixes, beginning with predetermined often used calculating formulas for the production and dimension of the equipment as well as komplex constructions for whole brewry sections.
After beeing enrolled in the site, the introduced values are saved in your personal project.

Beer recepies

We have diferent beer recepies which can be adapted to the individual conditions of the brewery so that the quantities, temperatures and all the other parameters are obtained to produce the beer in this specific brewery.
In this section we not only offer the description of the ingredients which are necessary to brew the desired beer, but also the tools to adapt this reciep to the production process of the specific brewery.



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We will provide links to companies related to the brewing industrie and which could be of your interest.