beer type Pilsen

Pilsen beer or Pilsner beer type

This is a recipe for a Pilsen Beer or Pilsner Type (actually Pilsen is a city and therefore all Pilsen not brewed in this city should be called Pilsen type) which is the typical and most consumed beer in northern Germany and from here all over the world. Almost all the breweries in the world produce it and each one gives it a certain individual touch by varying the composition of the malt and hops or substituting part of the malt with other cereals. The characteristic of this recipe is the conformity according to the Bavarian purity law, that is to say that it is only based on malted barley, hops, yeast and water. It is a light, full-bodied, well-balanced beer with a characteristic hint of hop aroma and mild bitterness and is easy to brew.

To open the recipe please enter our store to purchase it free of charge. Although our recipes are free of charge we differ a lot from other recipes available on the net:

This pilsen beer recipe is tailored to your brewery, the size of your equipment and the malt and hops you have available!!!

How it works: The total volume of your batch along with the malt yield you use gives you the volumes of water and malt. So the concentration of Alpha Acid in your hop product gives you the amount you need of exactly this product and hop variety. In addition you receive the necessary amount of wort if you use the Aufkräusen procedure for carbonation during maturation and of course the necessary back pressure.

If you have any questions about the brewing process, we can help you in our courses as well as in our brewing calculations.

We look forward to helping you to brew an excellent Pilsner beer and if you have any questions you can of course contact us.